Clamp Grounded Resistance Test Instrument

PSIP 6412

Technical Data
Basic Function
Basic Accuracy Resolution Measuring Range Measure Mode
±(1%+0.01Ω) 0.001Ω 0.010-0.099Ω Resistance
±(1%+0.01Ω) 0.01Ω 0.10-0.99Ω Resistance
±(1.5%+0.01Ω) 0.1Ω 1.0-49.9Ω Resistance
±(2%+0.5Ω) 0.5Ω 50.0-99.5Ω Resistance
±(3%+1Ω) 1Ω 100-199Ω Resistance
±(6%+5Ω) 5Ω 200-395Ω Resistance
±(10%+10Ω) 10Ω 400-590Ω Resistance
±(20%+20Ω) 20Ω 600-1000Ω Resistance

Technical Data
Special Function
Basic Accuracy Resolution
Low Battery Indication
±(1%+0.01Ω) Date Hold/Storage
Auto Power off
10%~90% Realative Humidity
-10C~55C Working Enviroment
<40A/m Outer Magnetic Field
<1V/m Outer Electric field
1s Unit Measuring time
>1KHz Resistance Measuring Frequency
0.001Ω Highest Resoulation Of Resistance Measuring
--- Frequency of measured Current
30 Group Storage Measuring Data
1-199Ω Setting Range of Resistance Critical Value Alarm
1-499mA Setting Range of currentCritical Value Alarm
Double Insulated Protection Scale
Auto Range Operating Way
28mm Clamp Size
6V(4x1.5V) Power