V/mA Calibrator

PSIP 705

Technical Data (Measuring Function)
Explanation Accuracy Resolution input Range Range output
Input Resistance 2MΩ ±0.2% Reading ±2mV 1mV -0.200~28.000V 28V Voltage
Input Resistance 20MΩ ±0.02% Reading ±4µA 0.001mA -1.000~28,000mA 20mA Current
Supply 24V Loop Power ±0.02% Reading ±0.4µA 0.001mA 0.000~22,000mA 20mA Loop Current

Output Function
Explanation Accuracy Resolution Output Range Range output
20mA, the Max Overload is 1kΩ(note1) ±0.05% Setting Value ±4µA 0.001mA 0.000~28,000A 28mA Current
20mA, the Max Overload is 1kΩ(note2) ±0.05% Setting Value ±4µA 0.001mA -0.000~22,000mA -20mA Analog Transducer
The Max Output Current is 25mA ±10% 24V Loop Power